In writing my blogs, I intended them to be read more or less in order. I am hardly relying on current events or day to day changes to drive my blog so my blogs from 6 months ago should be as good as the blog from last Sunday.  In this listing of my terrain blogs I  have taken a liberty or two with my ordering (Terrain philosophy should have come before hills for instance) to ensure that my Terrain blogs make the most sense to the reader just discovering my site but they will be listed here more or less in the order I posted them.

Champion Hill Scenario

How many minis is too many? –12/12/2010

In this post I outline the work required to complete all terrain for my centerpiece scenario. 

Terrain Philosophy

Terrain Philosophy – 01/23/2011

In this post I lay out what I think makes good wargaming terrain for my table. 


My Hills Blog Post – 12/24/2010


River and flat lands

A river runs through it – 01/23/2011


Into the Woods – 02/27/2011

Improvised Cover

Improvised Cover – 03/27/2011


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