Where the hell is Doug?

7 01 2012

I have confession to make.  I don’t paint as fast as I blog.  (Who does?). 

I started this project about 3 years ago when I mentioned my hobby to a coworker and he seemed pretty enthused by what I described.  He wanted to know when we could play and I mentioned that I didn’t really have a game that could be played.  When he asked how long it takes to get one ready I said that at the rate I paint and given that I was really anal with my painting it could take 3 or 4 years.  He felt I should get started then.  This made sense to me so I did.

Meanwhile, I have found that a number or notable people/coworkers/people I admire had created useful blogs.  Blogs sort of last forever and they tend to give their writers a high level of credibility.  They also force changes to the perspective of the writer.  I don’t do anything with my game without thinking how I would explain it or illustrate it.  I can happily say this bleeds over into my work and home life. It was recommended to me and I recommend it to you.

Now… I started painting about 3 years ago, and, as you may have noticed, I started blogging just over one year ago.  This means that I had a good deal of my game finished before I started the blog.  A lot of this blog has been documentation of things I finished long ago.  Sadly, I am out of things I finished long ago.  I have few things in the can I can blog about but, sadly, I must paint and blog in roughly real time.

Thing 2…  I like football.  I like painting too.  I liking painting on the weekends.  Unfortunately, my teams like playing football on the weekends too.  Conflict!  Historically I slow down my painting in the fall.  Usually I am a spree painter anyway but September through December are slow months for me painting-wise.  Good news is its January and I can no longer blame my lack of productivity on football.  I now blame it on the weather.

Let me explain.  It’s cold outside and I paint in the garage.  I find this to be a useful place to paint most of the year as I have enough room for everything, I don’t have clean up when I’m done and I keep my beer in the garage fridge anyway.  Win!  Problem is its 40 degrees outside as I speak.  Some days space heaters are little better than huddling up with a lit match.  Today is one such day.

The Plan

My original plan was to play test the game in the fall before I hibernated.  This didn’t work out for interesting reasons.  I did get the painting done but I had a magical combination of business travel, head colds, and house guests last year that made play testing a no go.  I will try to get this fixed but it might be a month or two.  A playtest will not only make an interesting blog or two but I should get pictures for three or for rules blogs as well.

I also have some foundational projects in mind.  They will be boring blogging but essential for other things.  Right now I have a couple of bookshelves and tables in the garage and they are getting miserably cluttered.  I will be building a garage shelf that will help me with my storage.  I would like to get on that this month.

I also intend to install some gaming lighting in my garage so that McPherson and Revenge can be played without tearing up the house.  This should lower the threshold for getting my game on the table and, as I already mentioned, I keep my beer in the garage anyway.  It’s a weak blog topic but I might post it anyway to give the perception of movement.

Please bare with me over the coming months as I get reorganized for the coming year.  I may be far enough along that I can fight the battle of Champion hill this summer but it will be a bit longer before it looks like I’ve gotten back in the saddle.   Think happy thoughts.