Here are my miniatures posts in the order I wrote them.  This collections should give a good overview of my progress in the creation of my Civil War armies.

Champion Hill Scenario

How many minis is too many? –12/12/2010

This post has my Order of battle in it.  While, not strictly a miniatures post, it does outline the amount of work ahead. 

First look

Hot Lead! – 02/13/2011

This is the out of box experience for my big Baccus6mm purchase.


Stands 2.0 – 2/20/2011

This is my second stands post but I included the entire process of making of my stands in the second half of this post.

Painting Union Infantry

Union Infantry Part 1 – 03/20/2011

Raw lead to painted figures.

Basing Union Infantry

Union Infantry 2.0 – 04/10/2011

From painted figures to fully mounted and ready for action!


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