Douglas G. King is a Program Manager at Microsoft in Seattle.  He is married with two children.

Mr. King enjoys games, history books, college football and beer.  Life is good.


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23 12 2010

OMG your blog is so totally awesome. It doesn’t want to put me to sleep at all. My favorite post is How many minis is too many?. And that isn’t because you had to trap me in a chair and read it too me aloud at all. Which is your favorite post? ‘Cause I really really want to know. Ashley said something on the lines, Happy Birthday, your blog looks cool. Anyway happy B-day. Bye!!!!

12 04 2011
Ed Pavalski

I enjoy your website.I do like the angled name base of your figures. Are your union figures Baccus? I may have missed the size of the bases. Are they 3mm thick? What is the overall base size.

12 04 2011
Douglas G. King

Hey Ed,

I am using Baccus Miniatures. The base thickness is 3/32 of an inch and the infantry sit on 5/8 by 7/8 of an inch.

It a regretable aspect of blogs that the latest entry is listed first. My blog is a literal tracking of my progress towards building and designing a miniatures game so some of my older posts have info you may have needed to appreciate my later posts.

I have been meaning for some time to create pages that track my progress more linearly. I think that I shall take that on now!


26 06 2011
Norman McCoy

Excellent blog!!! My wife and I are just getting into 6mm acw and we have been looking for some ideas and tips. Keep up the great work!!!!

28 06 2011
Douglas G. King

Thanks! I’m glad your enjoying it. Keep reading.

27 06 2013

Hello! My gaming group is endeavoring to bring free professional audio to tabletop gaming. To do so we have started a kickstarter, the Realmsound Project, located here:http://kck.st/11mnj9c

If you took a look and shared it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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