Union Artillery, Part 2

14 07 2012

In my last Union Artillery post I based and primed my artillery along with their limbers.  This time we need to paint them up!


I begin by paint 4 out of 6 horsed on each of my limber stands a nice dark brown.  I mix up which horsed get a brown coat as much as I can so that there are no two stands alike.


I then paint the rest of the horses a mix of gray, tan, red-brown and beige.  This is a feeble effort to make it look like a mix of different horse colors.


I like the look of several horse colors but I have never gotten a really good feel for what the mix of colors of horses would have been common during the war. It seems like they are overwhelmingly dark brown though. 

Next I paint the “blanket” a navy blue and the leather harness and saddle a shade of brown.


I have two different casting for horses and the easiest way to tell them apart is how what I think are the saddle blanket (6mm is small after all) pokes our from under the saddle.  You can see on the horses closet in the image above that the exposed blankets are on the flank.  On the next limber the exposed blanket pokes out behind the rolled blanket (or rather what I think is a rolled blanket).

Next I paint the rolled blankets a vermillion red ( white red as opposed to a yellow red.)


The colored blankets actually make the mini’s pop on the table.  This is the easiest way to tell the Union limbers from the Confederate limbers.

Next I paint a whole bunch of things black.  It looks like I paint the horse collars, the wagon wheels and the tails and manes of the horses black here.


Next I paint the caisson a shade of pine green.  This would have been a really common color for civil war wheeled equipment.


Now the miniatures are painted.  Next I paint the dirt.

By the way… I know what you are thinking.  It would have been much easier to paint the dirt first. 

Yes.  Yes it would have.

I paint the base of the miniature brown (along with many a wheel and horse leg)


Then I dry brush pretty much everything ankle high and lower with a red brown.


I put the limbers aside for now and start in on the guns.

This time I paint the base brown first!


Next I dry brush the bases a red brown


I paint the guns a pine green (to match the caisson)


Next I paint the wagon wheels black along with the barrels of the rifled artillery pieces.


The barrels of the smoothbores get a coat of gold.  These cannons would be very bright given how often they were cleaned.


Next I painted the tunics of the artillerymen a dark blue (not navy blue… that would be goofy.)


Then some of the artillerymen get light blue pants.


I paint one the stands with red pants and another of the stands gets a red strip on their pants.  Artillery Units of both sides would commonly have red bling on their uniforms.


There are lots of little bits that need touching on the artillerymen at this point.  Hair gets painted brown or blond, bags and shells are painted black, and swabs are painted brown and grey.  I also give the tackle ropes on the carriages a nice yellow.


The next big step is flesh color.  As usual, this is the “magic” step.  I also paint the sides of the guns and Caissons black and the rear bevel of the guns white.


Next I add static grass to the bases and add another coat of black and white to the sides of the miniature stands.


Once everything is nice and dry I apply labels to the rear bevel of the gun stands.


Here is an action shot to give an idea of what these guys look like on the table.





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